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I looooove this article, Rod! Thank you.

I share every bit of your views here with you.

In all honesty, I wish the USA would have a house cleaning big time. Quite frankly, the West needs a good thorough cleaning. And then it might be able to re-emerge as a much healthier civilization with a future.

America needs Donald Trump or someone like him who can get us out of this international BS and stop our involvement in endless wars. It has to end.

I believe that with the right people in place, America can be a great country in the right sense of the word, and that we can have great relationships with Russia, China, and other countries.

I'm sick to my stomach of all these elitist morons and crooked dictators who systematically destroy, enslave, drain, pollute, kill off not only the population of the West but also of other countries.

It's disgusting.

And now these same virtue signaling morons and crooks pose as the great protectors of Ukraine... Oh really? They've led Ukraine and used its people as a pawn against Russia, they've done it in a calculated cynical fashion.

And now the people of Ukraine and the people of Russia have to suffer even more so because of the same old bastards.

Thank you for your article, Rod. I feel like someone truly understands me. Right now, I'm having a hard time communicating with my friends and family back in Russia who were far from all these topics and are slammed with sanctions, Putin, and disgusted with war, and I'm having a hard time talking to my Ukrainian friends who too... Don't know what I now know and what you're writing about.

It's hard. And there's a lot here at play.

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Thank you, Cat. I was hoping you'd respond. Please do circulate the mail to your friends. Not every Westerner hates Russia or the Russian people and some of us are absolutely appalled at how the West, principally USica via the CIA, has used the Ukrainian people simply to attack Russia. The fact is that US foreign policy since 1945 has been an unmitigated disaster, leading to millions of unnecessary deaths and enormous suffering all over the world. And after all the BS they then try to drop Communism on us through the back door, calling it 'CRT'. Enough.

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You're right... And I have to say that I myself am getting a grasp on the scale of this disaster only in the past 3 years or so. Well, I'm younger. And I've been too much preoccupied with mere survival to see the bigger picture. Now, I'm having a crash course of sorts, and all of my earlier illusions have evaporated.

It's not a bad thing though. Quite the opposite. I'd rather live with the truth than be an idiot.

Boy, was it not easy for me to accept that the Western elites/the West (which I held in such childishly high regard growing up, which I've seen as an antithesis to communism) is no better than the Soviet Politburo; that all these royal families, global bankers, so-called free media, so-called democracies are all but a bunch of dictatorial leeches who posed in previous decades as the harbingers of freedom and champions of great liberties to countries like the one I was born in.

And then I grow up, move to the US and get red pilled big time. And reality settles in.

I don't regret moving though. My husband occasionally apologizes. He says something like, "I'm so sorry you came here, and it turns out to be such a disaster". And I say, "Well, i didn't expect life to be all candy canes and puppies. I am where I have to be. If the next big fight for truth and freedom is in America, then I'm lucky to be on my soil".

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